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Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour

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Flying Time

+/-22 minutes to the selected wine farm, +/-22 minutes back to V&A Waterfront.

Ground Time

2.5–3 hours

Tour Time

3.5–4 hours

Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour

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Experience The Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour

Welcome to an extraordinary adventure that combines breathtaking aerial views with the rich flavours of South Africa's renowned winemaking region. The Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes you from the vibrant V&A Waterfront in Cape Town to the exquisite wine farms of Babylonstoren Wine Estate or Rickety Bridge Winery. This exclusive tour allows you to indulge in the beauty of the Franschhoek Valley, spend quality time at a prestigious wine estate, and savour a delectable lunch (at your own expense) amidst the scenic vineyards. Prepare to be captivated by the sights, tastes, and luxuries that await you on this unforgettable journey.

As your helicopter gracefully ascends from the V&A Waterfront, you'll be treated to an awe-inspiring bird's-eye view of Cape Town's iconic landmarks. The majestic Table Mountain, the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, and the bustling cityscape will unfold before your eyes, creating an exhilarating start to your adventure. After an enchanting flight over the rolling landscapes of the Cape Winelands, you'll touch down at either Babylonstoren Wine Estate or Rickety Bridge Winery. These prestigious wine farms epitomise the essence of Franschhoek's winemaking heritage, offering you an authentic experience in the heart of South Africa's viticultural paradise. The warm welcome and picturesque surroundings will set the stage for an unforgettable exploration of the world of fine wines.

Upon arrival at the wine estate, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in its enchanting ambience and indulge in its rich history. Whether you choose Babylonstoren Wine Estate or Rickety Bridge Winery, you'll find yourself surrounded by lush vineyards, elegant Cape Dutch architecture, and a serene atmosphere that beckons you to unwind. Take your time to wander through the vineyards, breathe in the intoxicating scents of the wine cellar, and learn about the winemaking process during an insightful tour. Afterwards, treat your taste buds to an exquisite lunch (at your own expense) crafted with local, seasonal ingredients. Paired with the estate's exceptional wines, this gastronomic experience is sure to leave a lasting impression.

As your captivating journey at the wine estate draws to a close, you'll board the helicopter once again, bidding farewell to the scenic landscapes and embracing the memories you've created. The return flight offers another opportunity to revel in the beauty of the Cape Winelands from above, with the helicopter's panoramic windows providing uninterrupted vistas of vineyards, mountains, and quaint towns. The Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour with Chartercraft is a truly remarkable adventure, allowing you to combine the thrill of flying with the delights of wine, culinary excellence, and natural beauty. So, embark on this extraordinary experience and create cherished memories that will linger long after the tour concludes. Book your Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour today and elevate your senses to new heights.

Charter the Franschhoek Winelands Helicopter Tour


  • Minimum 2 guests per booking.
  • Check-in at least 30 mins before flight departure.
  • Take-off from the V&A Waterfront.
  • Flight Time:
    • V&A Waterfront to Wine Estate (+/-22 minutes).
    • Wine Estate back to V&A Waterfront (+/-22 minutes).
  • Ground Time:
    • Spend approximately 2.5 to 3 hours at the wine estate.
  • Tour Time: 3.5 to 4 hours.


  • Qualified, professional pilots and flight crew.
  • Fuel sufficient for the charter.
  • A complimentary welcome drink.


  • Lunch, drinks and other activities during the tour.


Select one wine estate to be the destination of your tour. Headings are clickable links to the estate's website.

  • Babylonstoren Wine Estate
    Babylonstoren Wine Estate is a haven of refined luxury and vinicultural excellence. This esteemed estate captivates discerning individuals with its immaculate vineyards, where meticulously cultivated grapes are transformed into award-winning wines of exceptional quality. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambience of the estate's historic Cape Dutch architecture as you explore its sprawling gardens, abundant with fragrant herbs, vibrant flowers, and an impressive array of fruits and vegetables. Indulge in unforgettable wine tastings that showcase the diverse flavours and nuances of Babylonstoren's meticulously crafted vintages, and savour delectable farm-to-table cuisine at the estate's renowned restaurant. With impeccable attention to detail, timeless charm, and a commitment to sustainable practices, Babylonstoren Wine Estate offers a truly unforgettable experience for the most discerning of connoisseurs.
  • Rickety Bridge Winery
    Located in the enchanting Franschhoek Valley, Rickety Bridge Winery beckons discerning individuals to embark on an extraordinary wine journey. This prestigious estate captivates with its exceptional offerings, embodying the artistry of winemaking and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Set against breathtaking landscapes, Rickety Bridge Winery unveils meticulously cultivated vineyards that yield the finest grapes, transformed into exquisite wines that define their legacy. Immerse yourself in captivating wine tastings, where each sip reveals the intricate flavours and aromas that reflect the estate's dedication to crafting exceptional varietals. Indulge in a memorable gastronomic experience at their acclaimed restaurant, where farm-to-table cuisine harmonises seamlessly with their renowned wines, creating a truly unforgettable sensory adventure.

Terms and Conditions

  • The availability of all charters is subject to weather conditions and at the discretion of the charter operator.
  • Booking and payment currency is in South African Rands.
  • All charter bookings are subject to our Charter Terms and Conditions.
  • You may be required to accept terms and conditions specific to the Charter Operator.
  • The Charter Operator reserves the right to bring the helicopter back to base if operationally required and will perform the collection from the wine estate at the appointed time.

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